01.  Name : Thor Viking

02.  Age : 60

03.  Current Home : Oslo

04.  Eye color : Brown

05.  Hair color : Grey

06.  Place of Birth : West Coast of Norway

07.  Parents : Farmers

08.  Siblings : No 5 of 6 brothers

09.  Future project : Study Spanish

10.  Best movie I saw was : "The Piano"

11.  An advice to young bodybuilders : Long term thinking

12.  A movie that you would like to make : "Driving Miss Daisy" or "The Piano"

13.  Favorite actor : Sean Connery

14.  Favorite actress : PenÚlope Cruz

15.  What CD title in my player right now : "La Revancha del Tango" by Gotan Project

16.  Favorite Soccer team : Barcelona

17.  Magazines I read : FLEX

18.  Hobbies : Travel, Photo, Art, Architecture

19.  Favorite Sports : Cross country skiing

20.  Favorite Bodybuilder : Dorian Yates

21.  Favorite Bodybuilder today : Branch Warren and Alexey Lesukov

22.  Sex Orientation : Gay

23.  People always think I am : Strong, muscular and energetic

24.  If I could change one thing about myself : Train harder

25.  Three words to describe me : Kind, creative and easy going

26.  My current cars : No car, no driving license

27.  Car of my dreams : Yellow corvette

28.  My favorite food:  Tender loin

29.  Food I hate : Canned and frozen food

30.  My ideal vacation : Travel, Sunny, Friends

31.  Country visited : 39

32.  The longest trip : Sydney, Australia

33.  My favorite exercise : Chest

34.  How many times I train my body : 5 times a week

35.  Favorite number : 31

36.  Favorite colour : Yellow

37.  All my past jobs : Teacher and Senior Consultant

38.  Last gift I received : Restaurant meal

39.  Anyone I would like to give special thanks : My photographer and my webmaster

40.  The best moment of my life : Dinner with best friends

41.  Marital status : Single

42.  How many times I go to the cinema every month : Once

43.  Favorite TV-show : The Graham Norton Show (BBC)

44.  The book I am reading is : "The Cold Song" by Linn Ullmann

45.  Favorite singer/group : Fleetwood Mac (1970’s)

46.  Favorite book title : "My Name is Asher Lev" by Chaim Potok

47.  Internet, website I visit often : Bodybuilder videos, YouTube

48.  Animals, dog or cat : Dog

49.  My best quality : Relaxed and easy to talk to

50.  My dream : In good shape as long as I live

T H O R     V I K I N G   A T   3 6 0 ░

To give you the chance to know me better, I have answered 50 questions covering a whole range of aspects and interests. You will learn to know my qualities, my favorite things to do in my spare time and which people I admire the most.


I grew up on a farm among cattle, mountains and fjords in the ancient land of the Vikings. I stayed at the farm until I left home at the age of 20 to study to become a teacher. The last year of my studies I took a degree in English Studies at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne.

I was teaching for four years until I was offered a job as a marketing consultant in one of the largest publishing houses in my country. Marketing and communication has been my field since I started in the autumn of 1988. I have now become a senior consultant, and my focus is European languages.

It was during my studies in Britain that I started to do workouts on a regular basis. I was inspired by all the other students. Returning to my home country one year later I made the decision to make my workouts the hobby of my life. This is how it all started, leading up to where I am at the moment.

Certainly I have other interests. I am very much interested in culture, design, architecture and sports. I also like to travel. This took me to Buenos Aires in the autumn of 2008. I lived there for one year and took a basic course in Spanish.

I have never regretted my devotion for bodybuilding. It has given so much pleasure and enjoyment – both mentally and physically. I am not a night owl, though, as I love my coffee in the morning on Saturdays and Sundays. I believe in long time commitment.

Enjoy my webpage. Hopefully you will find something that inspires you.